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Monday, November 07, 2005

Time Off

Filed under: | Personal

Friends…something bad has happened. I need to take some time off from this blog so I can get this straightened out.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pictures of the Night

Filed under: | Photography/Video

I was trying to reach one of my friends on the phone this evening, but the line was busy. So I went and took the New Official Camera and tripod to try out the Night mode.
And I must say, I was impressed! All these photos were shot at ISO 100, f3.2, 3.0 seconds, with slight Unsharp Masking in Photoshop, and 2 levels of lightening. Hardly any noise whatsoever, and seeing that I’ve always liked to shoot at this speed (well, close…in high school Plus-X was ISO 125), this works great!
Click on the above thumbnails for the larger picture. You’ll be impressed too.

Don’t Let Them Near This

Filed under: | International

Over the last few years, many holy sites, both Jewish and Christian, have been trashed by the Paleostinians. Joseph’s Tomb and the Church of the Nativity come to mind.
Now, word comes out that the Israeli Antiquities Authority has discovered the remains of an early Christian church, dating from the third or fourth century AD (near the final fall of the Roman Empire). The archaelogical dig is located in the Megiddo Prison.
At the dig, objects were found which depicted Jesus Christ’s name in Greek, and a fish…an early Christian symbol. Christianity was banned in the Roman Empire until Emperor Constantine I became a convert. This is definitely a major find, and may result in the relocation of the Megiddo Prison to make way for a tourist attraction. Said Joe Zias, an Israeli archaelogist:

“If it’s between a prison and a church, I would like a church. You can put a prison anywhere.”

I don’t care what the Muslims about Isa‘s place in their “history;” they do not believe in His divinity as the Son of God. Since Megiddo is firmly in Israel, the Israelis will find it in the world’s best interests to not let any Muslims anywhere near this find to try and take it over.

Bras and Newton’s Laws

Filed under: | News

“She was a black-haired beauty with big dark eyes
And points all her own sitting way up high
Way up firm and high”

Bob Seger - “Night Moves

This is going to be a difficult post for me to keep a straight face while I write this…especially on a Sunday morning!
The Skipper over at BMEWS points out (no pun intended!) the importance for women to have a good bra on hand to support their breasts, especially since they seem to be growing larger. And bra manufacuturers are using high-technology to help solve the problem that nearly every man knows for himself in the first place! Remember: Force equals mass times acceleration!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Why The Delay, Senator Specter?

Filed under: | SCOTUS and The Law

Since the Donks are hell-bent on scuttling Judge Samuel Alito’s Supreme Court nomination before it even gets to the hearings, I (and lots of others) was not happy when Senator Arlen Specter (RINO-PA) decided to schedule the nomination hearings for January 9…and of course, the President is not a happy camper. So I decided to write Senator Specter a respectful letter:

Dear Senator Specter:
I do not understand why, in the face of precedence, you are postponing the nomination hearings for Judge Samuel Alito for a full two months. It seems as though you are giving the opposition party the time they need to “Bork” him. There is no call for this. The man is qualified, as evidenced by his unanimous vote in the Senate to confirm his appointment fifteen years ago.
Judge Alito’s nomination does not constitute “extraordinary circumstances” and, as such, do not warrant an extended investigation. All the evidence the Senate Judiciary Committee needs is already there in fifteen years’ worth of Judge Alito’s opinions. Therefore, I urge you to reschedule the nomination hearings without delay.
Thank you, Senator Specter, for your attention in this matter.

You too can e-mail Senator Specter to let your views be known. Or you can do it by telephone at (202) 224-4254. Your choice!

HAT TIP: Blogs For Bush

UPDATE: And while I was at it, I sent the same message to my Senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl.

Why So Silent?

Filed under: | War on Terror

Good question! I was beginning to wonder why we haven’t heard from Osama lately. He could be dead, buried underneath a bunch of rocks from the recent Pakistani earthquake…he could be dead due to his medical conditions…he could be alive, but unable to communicate with his jihadists. Truth is, we don’t know what Osama’s current status is. What we do know is this:

Since the 9/11 attacks, the longest bin Laden had gone without issuing a new public statement — written, audio or video — was just over nine months. He’s now let 10 months pass, and counting.
Two U.S. counterterrorism officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the subject’s sensitivity, say there isn’t evidence to suggest he’s dead. The working assumption is that bin Laden is alive, even if he isn’t churning out tapes

And there’s the kicker: it is always best to assume that an adversary is alive until there is irrefutable evidence to the contrary. With that in mind, what do you think? Let’s discuss.

Friday, November 04, 2005

A Grim Anniversary

Filed under: | Axis of Evil

I firmly believe that the War on Terror…that is, the day the Islamofascists declared war on us…started on this day twenty-six years ago, when Iranian “students” took our Embassy staff Hostage.
For 444 days, Jimmy Carter couldn’t do anything to get them released until after Ronald Reagan got elected; he probably told them that if the hostages weren’t on a plane the moment he was sworn in to office, there’d have been Hell to pay!
Iran’s Day of Reckoning is coming. They know it, and the mullahs will fall. That is why they are building nuclear weapons. That is why we must take them out before they go on line.
Paybacks are Hell, indeed.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

There Is Still Hope for France

Filed under: | Axis of Weasels

With riots in the Parisian suburbs going on for a seventh straight night, Roger L. Simon (He Who Wears the Fedora) chronicles the adventures of Paul Cruce, An American in Paris:

What I have found to be far more common is a real warmth for the U.S. and I have found it in surprising and unexpected ways. Examples:
* October a year ago I was here for a week. I had been invited to a Hallowe’en dinner party prepared by a couple I know, both of whom are chefs. During the dinner, I was asked by another guest if I supported Bush or Kerry. With a smile, I quickly and firmly replied “President Bush.” To my surprise, the entire table - about 30 people altogether - burst out in applause. One woman said, “The U.S. did the right thing in Iraq. Chirac is on Saddam’s payroll. That’s the only reason our government has opposed yours there,” and all the other heads at the table nodded in agreement. This group included some people whom I know usually vote for the Socialist Party rather than Chirac’s UMP.

It’s not the French People I can’t stand. It’s their government and media. Go Ye and read it all. The Macker Commands It!

Remember the Long Island Lolita?

Filed under: | News

Yes, Amy Fisher has actually done something with her life! Atoned for her crime against society, moved on, became a successful writer and columnist.
Unlike the guy who started the whole thing…he can’t stay out of trouble. What the hell does his name really mean anyways?

Middle East Cartoons

Filed under: | War on Terror

I have to wonder how kids in the Middle East outside of Israel can get up in the morning, eat their sugar-filled cereal with milk, and watch this sh*t. This attitude is, of course, instilled by the parents, and will not change until they love their children more than they hate the Jews (yes, Golda Meir said that!).

HAT TIP: Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Market Wants More Megapixels?

Filed under: | Photography/Video

Apparently so: Sharp is the first to provide 10 MILLION pixels on a 1/1.7” sensor, a common CCD size for consumer digital cameras. And that can be a problem when it comes to picture quality, especially regarding noise and chromatic abberation, or as it’s also known among consumer hobbyists, as “purple fringing.”
I toyed with the idea of getting more megapixels for my camera before I settled on the 5.1-megapixel S5200. And I am satisfied with the decision, as quality wins out over quantity once again!

Chavez Opens Mouth

Filed under: | Axis of Evil

...and what comes out of it is mierda pura del toro:

“We can do whatever we want with the planes. Maybe we’ll send 10 to Cuba, or maybe to China so that they can see the technology.”

Comrade Chavez (yes, that is what you are, a neo-Communist), that won’t do you any good because you’ve had those planes for well over twenty years. The Chinese and Cubans won’t have any interest in technology that, in actuality, is over thirty years old!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

France, Germany with Problems

Filed under: | Axis of Weasels

Gee, how soon will it be until these guys call for our help? In my opinion, I hope they don’t:

5TH STRAIGHT NIGHT OF FRENCH RIOTS: Last Thursday, two youths of the Muslim persuasion are killed when they are accidentally electrocuted and a third critically injured as they go into a power substation to escape the police. Now why are these deaths accidental when they deliberately entered the substation? So whose fault is it? Why it’s the cruel police’s of course! C’est la merde d’un taureau!
GERMAN GOVERNMENT FACES COLLAPSE: Six weeks ago, the Germans failed to elect an outright leader and so the CDU (Merkel’s group) and SPD (Schroeder’s bunch) came up with what could have been described in other circles as a “government of national unity.” Now a critical figure, the SPD’s party chair, is stepping down, which throws the entire deal into question. They’ve already gone longer than we did five years ago…you all remember that one, right? You better!

Schadenfreude, anyone?

Stop That Ship! Blast ‘Em!

Filed under: | Geek Stuff

I’ve always believed that by 2010, there’d be real man-portable energy weapons entering our military hardware. Take a good look:

Capt. Drew F. Goettler, of the Air Force Research Laboratory’ Directed Energy Directorate, demonstrates the Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response, or PHaSR, a non-lethal illumination technology developed by the laboratory’s ScorpWorks team. The technology is the first man-portable, non-lethal deterrent weapon intended for protecting troops and controlling hostile crowds. The laser light used in the weapon temporarily impairs aggressors by illuminating or “dazzling” individuals, removing their ability to see the laser source. (AF photo)

Great news! Now I want to see this taken to the next level: energy weapons which BLOW STUFF UP! Oh, and give ‘em Stormtrooper Armor!

HAT TIP: The Steel Deal

Parody Time

Filed under: | Parodies

FRIDAY NIGHT RIOT (sung to the tune of the “Monday Night Football”)
Since MNF is moving off of free TV and going to ESPN for the 2006 season, I found a new use for the old theme. Ol’ Hank Jr. may not know this, but he does have a dopplegänger somewhere in the Middle East….

It’s the 12 ‘toons from Denmark that’s got us upset,
So call forth your friends, some kufr blood we’re gonna let!
The world’s all rowdy, no one is in their seat,
It’s the matchup for the ages, tension that can’t be beat!
Europe wants to appease, but compromise is not in sight!
The Ummah wants to get some revenge this Friday Night!

So hit it!
Come on and hit it!
Come on and get ready!
I mean really ready

Are you ready for some KUFRs!
A Friday Night Riot!
We got swords and bombs and guns!
Let’s get the Big One started!
The Koran is our Book! Kill infidels on sight,
All my rowdy friends are here for Friday Night!



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