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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Son of Hamas Leader Killed

Filed under: | War on Terror

Got 18 in Gaza...one of which was Hussam Zahar, the son of the Hamas leader who engineered the takeover of the Gaza Strip:

At the morgue at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Mahmoud Zahar held his lifeless son’s bloodied head in his hands and closed his eyes, then kissed him three times on the forehead and recited verses from the Muslim unholy book, the Quran.

There, fixed that for them! Mahmoud had better start making his peace with God (not Allah), because sooner or later, with two of his kids out of the way, the IDF will come for him!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Golden Globe Winners

Filed under: | Entertainment

Due to the effect of the WGA strike (which, laments one Hollywood agent, may hasten the end of its dominance in the entertainment industry), the Golden Globe Awards were not held in the usual fashion this year. For a listing of the nominees and winners, go here.
I know of at least one person who works in the industry; not directly so, but as a publicist of sorts. I should e-mail her and find out how things are really going there. I’m curious to find out.

UK To Harvest The Dead

Filed under: | Medicine/Health

Now this is eerie: Prime Minister Gordon Brown advocates a program which identifies potential donors who happen to be dying…and lets the NHS doctors take whatever organs they need for the system once the patient dies…regardless of whether or not the patient gives consent!
But don’t worry, in fifty years, it won’t matter because this program will be eliminated as being un-Islamic.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend for Upsets

Filed under: | Sports

So, San Diego knocks off the Colts and the NY Giants defeat Dallas. Every game I saw…even the one where the Patriots defeated the Jaguars…were darn good.
I just hope that one of the three other teams: the Giants, the Packers, or the Chargers, can some way, somehow, knock down the Patriots from their undeserved pedestal of perfection. And y’all know why.

How To Fight Hate Speech

Filed under: | Other Blogs | War on Terror

It’s very simple, really. Like Charles does with exposing the Eurofascists who purport to fight Islamofascism coming to their continent (only they forget that it’s already there)...you don’t sweep these folks under the rug.
You shed even more light on them. Like vampires, they can’t stand the light of day. That’s why I’m merciless with liberals in general, and Islamofascists and Ronulans in particular…why do you think all those boxes of Koran Nuts are being released and sightings of Ronulan warships reported?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Night Video

Filed under: | Entertainment

Courtesy of Lizardoid BabbaZee, here’s Apache by the Incredible Bongo Band:

“Leave Ron Paul Alone”

Filed under: | BS Patrol

Here’s the Ronulans’ counterpart to Britney Spears’ defender:

I’m surprised he didn’t go after LGF either!
WARNING! Strong Language.

Iraq Reinstates Ba’athists

Filed under: | War on Terror

A major goal of the United States was achieved today when the Iraqi Parliament voted to reinstate some Ba’athist Party members to certain governmental functions:

The law will allow low-ranking Baathists not involved in past crimes against Iraqis to go back to their jobs. High-ranking Baathists will be sent to compulsory retirement and those involved in crimes will stand trial, though their families will still have the right to pension.
The Baathists who were members in Saddam’s security agencies must retire—except for members of Fidayeen Saddam, a feared militia formed by Saddam’s eldest son, Oday. They will be entitled to nothing. [Emphasis added by Editor.]

Before you el cubos get your panties all tied up in knots, remember that the same thing happened after World War II with those Germans who joined the Nazi Party out of necessity to keep their jobs, and weren’t involved in the crimes perpretrated by their higher-ups. Iraq needs these people to help rebuild.

Simon Phoenix vs. The Man

Filed under: | SCOTUS and The Law

It seems Wesley Snipes has forgotten what happened in one of his earlier movies:

He’s about to go up against the IRS and he’d better have an excellent attorney. If he doesn’t, then what happened to his character in Demolition Man will happen to him in Real Life…especially if he plays the Race Card. I hope he isn’t that stupid.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Is This Like Hell Freezing Over?

Filed under: | International | War on Terror

Snow Falls on Baghdad. For most Iraqis who remember nothing but Saddam for almost their entire lives, this is a welcome experience. At least this happened before the Detroit Lions, or the Arizona Cardinals for that matter, won the Super Bowl.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Last Supper?

Filed under: | Battlestar Galactica

Here is definitely a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot promo for Season 4:

Just what is RDM trying to tell us? More info here.
WARNING! Possible Spoilers….

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

But It’s For The Children…

Filed under: | BS Patrol

Typical liberal reactions to a story from Denver where pregnant high school girls are asking for four weeks’ maternity leave to bond with their newborns. The real story is in the comments.
After viewing a few dozen of them and their corresponding ratings, I shook my head and muttered, “Figures.” Those comments which espoused personal responsibility got dinged, while those which praised the decisions of the pregnant girls got positive marks. Such are the attitudes of societal members who just want to “...f**k and f**k and f**k and f**k and f**k and f**k and f**k and f**k…and f**k until it hurts and then f**k some more!”

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

NH Primary Winners

Filed under: | Axis of Donks | Republicans

Well, this time around it’s Senator Clinton for the Donks and Senator McCain for the GOP. Fred got his a** kicked, and he’ll have to kick some serious a** in South Carolina. If he doesn’t, he’d better reconsider.

Koran Nuts Update

Filed under: | Humor | War on Terror

As promised! The long-awaited Iranian Market Edition!

Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Filed under: | Photography/Video

Semaj Ovured sent me this link to a German article which debunks the commonly-held belief amongst amateur photographers that more megapixels are better. Any level-headed consumer who pays attention will know that they will want to buy something that fits their needs, and as they grow in skills, to trade up to the next level, and not be caught in the “My [blank] is bigger than yours” game.
I’m fine with my Official Camera, thank you very much.



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