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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kill a Baby, Cure Blindness

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There are millions of people in the world who suffer from macular degeneration. Now, Pfizer has announced its financial backing for a procedure which may hit the market in six or seven years and promises to cure this affliction…which also happens to utilize embryonic stem cells.
Therein lies the problem.
There will be those who are only too greedy and vain to take that procedure right off the bat. And there will be many others who will reject that same procedure for the very reason it exists. Perhaps Pfizer might also want to take a look at seeing if this can be done with adult stem cells, before bringing this procedure to the market.

Оба́ма‘s Historical Deficiency

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Let’s see…while in the presence of another DFC, that is to say, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, who chose to lambast the USA, Президент Оба́ма took notes, perhaps in preparation for yet another apology down the road to that nation for the sins of the past. Seems like most of his overseas activities have been consisting of just that: apology after apology after apology.
After Ortega finished speaking (which, according to the Президент, lasted about 50 minutes), Оба́ма fraks up a very important historical date:

“To move forward, we cannot let ourselves be prisoners of past disagreements. I’m grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old. Too often, an opportunity to build a fresh partnership of the Americas has been undermined by stale debates. We’ve all heard these arguments before.”
[Emphasis added by Ed.]

Of course, they don’t teach this stuff in today’s schools any more. This goes into the same category as the 57 States Оба́ма counted during his campaign. And since he wants to open Cuba up for travel and cash infusions, it’ll only be a matter of time until he also apologizes to those DFCs still in power there.
Takes one to know one, right Господин Президент? You’ve put us in a position of weakness, that is why everyone is piling on.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Night Video

Filed under: | Entertainment

Here’s Crowded House with a 1994 hit, “Private Universe”:


Change You Can Believe In™

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Yet another Оба́ма Administration appointee is in trouble with the Feds. From the Wall Street Journal:

Steven Rattner, the leader of the Obama administration’s auto task force, was one of the executives involved with payments under scrutiny in a probe of an alleged kickback scheme at New York state’s pension fund, according to a person familiar with the matter.
A Securities and Exchange Commission complaint says a “senior executive” of Mr. Rattner’s investment firm met in 2004 with a politically connected consultant about a finder’s fee. Later, the complaint says, the firm received an investment from the state pension fund and paid $1.1 million in fees.
The “senior executive,” not named in the complaint, is Mr. Rattner, according to the person familiar with the matter. He is co-founder of the investment firm, Quadrangle Group, which he left to join the Treasury Department to oversee the auto task force earlier this year. Neither Mr. Rattner nor Quadrangle has been accused of any wrongdoing. Mr. Rattner did not return calls for comment.

He’s not returning calls because he’s busy on the phone with his attorney. Meanwhile, members of another, liberal board I occasionally post at have their panties in a wad over this. They are so disappointed in these folks Президент Оба́ма is appointing.
I’m not. I could see it coming a mile away. As much as it pains the country, I’ll sit back and continue to laugh my a** off at them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Did You Hear The Joke About The 2 DFCs?

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Turns out it’s no joke at all:

Two peas in a pod. It was bound to happen.

Waking Up Canadian, Eh

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And now, a message from the Government of Canada, eh:

Tea Party Cub Reporter

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Here’s a young man reporting on the Tea Party demonstration in Santa Clarita Valley, California:

Love the hat, Cody!


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Y’know, there are days when I would just like to stay home and sleep in, then get up and putz around. This is one of those days. But, it is Friday, thank goodness, so it’s only a few more hours.
Oh, and did I mention I work Saturday mornings too? OK, here’s what’s out there:

☭NN SHUTS DOWN REPORTER’S E-MAIL: They’ll have to shut down more than just Susan Roesgen’s too.

CLERK WANTS LUNCH COMP FOR MASSACRE: I’m sorry, but I guess you’d rather be DEAD now. Frakking Union a**hole.

IN GOD HE DOESN’T TRUST: Президент Оба́ма had better be careful, or I’ll start writing his name and “honor"ific in Arabic all the time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Night BLAHHHH…

Filed under: | Personal | The 48th State

Not much here. Went to chiropractor for adjustment, which went fine. Then went to insurance agent to handle certain legal obligations with the State of Arizona. After I got home I decided to go back out and take said legal papers down to the Secretary of State’s office near the Capitol, where there were 5,000 Tea Party demonstrators only yesterday.
Dang. And I would have very much liked to have gone. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all. Back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Look Sir! More Ronulans!

Filed under: | Humor

More fun with the Ronulans, at the expense of one of my favorite FASA Star Trek ships, the V-7 Whitewind-class cruiser:

I forgot where I saw this, but it ain’t my rendering. Only the text is. Wait till you see the next one….

Gee Wally…

Filed under: | BS Patrol

“...what are we gonna do now that the name ‘Octomom’ has been trademarked?” asked the Beav. “Does that mean we can’t slam Nadya Suleman anymore?”
“Not at all!” exclaimed Wally. “We just have to come up with better ways to do that. Eddie calls her an in-vitro whore….”
Beaver gasped and covered his mouth. “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe Eddie said that!”
Wally had a huge grin on his face, and patted his younger brother on the back. “Don’t kid yourself Beav…we’re talking about Eddie here; of course he won’t say that to Mom’s face.”
Laughing out loud, Beaver continued. “Is it true that there’s a TV crew coming over from Great Britain to film her entire family six times a year until those poor kids are 18?”
“Yep,” said his older brother. “but there’s no way of tellin’ whether we’ll ever get to see it on TV here. I sure don’t want to!”
“Me neither. You know what Wally?”
“What’s that, Beav?”
“You’re not such a bad brother after all!”

HAT TIP: SpinyNorman

Today is Tax Day

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And in case you’re not fully cognizant of just what we’ll be paying for in the coming years, here’s a visual display:

Is it any wonder why there are so many Tea Parties around the country today? Lord, I hope neither the Ronulans nor ACORN take the over.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Оба́ма: Government Is The Solution

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I listened to the first half-hour of Президент Оба́ма‘s speech at Georgetown University this morning. I don’t know about anyone else, but all I heard in that was “Government is not the problem in this crisis; Government is the Solution.”
Bulls**t. Бара́к Хусе́йн Оба́ма is not the Antichrist as some people believe. However, he IS the anti-Reagan. But what gets me is this passage where he paraphrases Jesus Christ:

“We cannot rebuild this economy on the same pile of sand. We must build our house upon a rock. We must lay a new foundation for growth and prosperity a foundation that will move us from an era of borrow and spend to one where we save and invest, where we consume less at home and send more exports abroad.”

And you obviously don’t know how to allow us to save an invest, Господин Президент. You do that by CUTTING TAXES and not spending $3.6 TRILLION!, $1.5 TRILLION of which is deficit spending! You do that by not dictating how much people who work at a bank which took TARP funds (and not allowed by you to pay it back) can make.
Like your Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary, every time you open your mouth, Господин Президент, the stock market takes a dive. You and the Demo☭rats in Congress need to STFD, STFU and GTFO of the way!

Monday, April 13, 2009

ID10t Alert: Somali Pirates

Filed under: | War on Terror

More on the rescue of Captain Phillips yesterday: according to Blackfive, الرئيس أوباما didn’t even give the order for the operation; it happened anyway for a couple of reasons. Here’s Blackfive’s beginning passage:

I just finished listening to the press conference w/ ADM Gortney about the rescue of Captain Phillips. At the time it happened the USS Bainbridge was towing the lifeboat to calmer waters as the sea state was deteriorating. One of the pirates was on board the Bainbridge as the talks about obtaining Phillip’s release continued. The lifeboat was approx. 25 m behind the Bainbridge when snipers on the fantail observed one of the pirates in the pilot house of the lifeboat pointing an AK-47 at the back of a tied up Phillips and the other two pirates on board were visible (at least shoulders and heads). The standing authority gave them clearance to engage the pirates if the life of the captain was in imminent danger. The on scene commander deemed this to be true and gave the order to fire.
[Emphasis added by ed.]

Truly, a bunch of iD10ts, wouldn’t you agree!
That said, y’all know the saying: “Failure is an orphan, and Success has a thousand fathers.” It doesn’t surprise me in the least that الرئيس أوباما is beating his chest and taking full credit for it. We’ll soon see if he also issues an apology to the Pirates’ families (that is, if they have any left) for their loss. To which I say: to Hell with them!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Phillips’ Hostage Ordeal ENDS!

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I just got back from church and Lo and Behold!

The brave crew of the USS Bainbridge KILLED three Somali Pirates when Captain Richard Phillips took another brave risk and jumped again out of the boat the JV Islamofascist bastards were holding him in. One Somali Pirate was injured in the ensuing firefight against the SEALs and was captured.
Good thing too…with the FBI on the scene, things were well in hand. Well in hand, that is, for this High Seas Piracy episode to be treated as a “criminal” matter, and for the purposes of US Law, it is, and has been for almost two centuries.
And the Navy has a great form of punishment for any Pirate caught on the High Seas: keelhauling. I propose that they start using it again.



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