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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Japan vs. Two Chinas: No Contest

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So, both the Red Chinese and the Republic of China dispute the ownership of the Islands in the East China Sea known as Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in Chinese. China ceded them to Japan at the conclusion of the First Sino-Japanese War. The US administered these islands from 1945 until they were turned back over to Japan in 1972.
Now the dispute is heating up: today, some Japanese folks raised their Flag over Uotsuri, one of the Senkaku Islands:

And here’s how the Red Chinese reacted:

Things such as these, to be honest, are to be expected in that part of the world. Allow me let you in on the real reason why it’s happening. Be sure to run your cursor over this, since I will not write the word in English:
Yes folks, his insistence on leading the World from Behind is inviting countries which hitherto shut the frak up on little piddly-a** disputes like this to reassert themselves, and not in a good manner at all. Expect more events like this to occur as the Presidential Election approaches.
Especially in October….

Friday, August 10, 2012

Right At Home with Joe The Biden™

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WHAT? You mean CNN has “Journalistic Standards?” Shocked! I tell you, Shocked!

NEW YORK (Associated [with Terrorists] Press) — Time editor-at-large and CNN host Fareed Zakaria has been suspended by both the magazine and the network for lifting several paragraphs by another writer for his use in a recent Time column.
Zakaria apologized Friday, declaring in a statement he made “a terrible mistake,” adding, “It is a serious lapse and one that is entirely my fault.”
In a separate statement, Time spokesman Ali Zelenko said the magazine accepts Zakaria’s apology, but would suspend his column for one month, “pending further review.”

The article goes on to say that Zakaria, who is a Mohammedan, lifted passages from Hahvard University professor Jill Lepore’s publications on gun control. He should, therefore, feel quite comfortable hanging out with Joe The Biden™.
In any case, CNN actually does the right thing, at least for now. Zakaria may eventually get back on the air after doing some penance…and after the furor dies down. This is, after all, the Fifth Column Treasonous Media™ we’re dealing with here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Separated At Birth?

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After watching the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history, I couldn’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance of Head Coach Darryl Sutter to one of our favorite EEEEEVIL Masterminds of the World:

See what I mean!

Friday, March 23, 2012


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When I saw this video I damn near fell out of my chair! Here’s a screenshot:

Yes, those are 11-foot-tall Chias of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, no doubt in honor of her Diamond Jubilee. What a tribute. Actually much better looking than Обама‘s!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It’s Been A While

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I do my best to stay away from Russian web sites due to their insidious hackers. That said, I can’t remember the last time I went to Правда.ru site, but apparently it looks a whole lot better than it did before. Check it out:

Not bad. Not bad at all. Are they actually becoming a respectable news source? Only time will tell. After all…I still see it as an occasional Comic Relief. But in this case, it may not be.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disneyland Paris Isn’t Good Enough for Frawnce

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I hear the amusement park in Frawnce which was originally called Euro Disney hasn’t been doing so hot. Perhaps it’s because the French are running it, Non?
So why does a former French minister think they can do any better with a theme park based on their Number One National Hero?

“Napoleonland”, the brainchild of former French minister and history buff Yves Jégo, is being touted as a rival to Disneyland – assuming, that is, it can gather the £180 million needed to leave the drawing board.
The plan is to build the unlikely amusement park on the site of the brilliant but doomed French leader’s final victory against the Austrians in the Battle of Montereau in 1814 just south of Paris.
The 1815 Battle of Waterloo, in which the Duke of Wellington ended Napoleon’s rule in France, could be recreated on a daily basis with visitors perhaps even able be able to take part in the reenactments.
They will also be able to take in a water show recreating the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, in which Lord Nelson scored a decisive victory over a French and Spanish coalition aboard HMS Victory but died in the process.
But the park will also give pride of place to Napoleon’s greatest victories, in particular the Battle of Austerlitz in which the Russo-Austrian army was decisively defeated.

£180 million? That’s all? And here I thought it’d take, say, a billion Euros or so to start Napoleonland up. That is, if the Euro survives, given the current debt crisis the Eurozone finds itself in. How much do you want to be this will be built with Other People’s Money? And can the French keep the “youths” from starting Car-B-Qs?
Good Luck is all I have to say to Frawnce.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Socialist Minions Under Red Father

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Imagine a small town in southern Spain, specifically the Andalusian region (al-Andalus…that should piss the Mohammedans off!), being asked by Sony Pictures if they want their pristine white buildings painted a pristine blue to help promote the Smurfs live-action film from last fall. They agreed, and here is the result:

Then, Sony asked the villagers six months later, after the film’s release, if they wanted their village painted back to pristine white. The villagers actually informed Sony that they wanted to remain the pristine blue! Imagine that! Good thing they know a Cash Smurf when they see one.

HAT TIP: Vilmar

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chinese CVL On The Move

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DigitalGlobe, Inc. took this satellite photo of Red China’s newest prize, a former Soviet aircraft carrier purchased from Ukraine back in 1998 sans engines, weaponry, and navigation systems:

They had to tow it all the way from the Black Sea, through the Bosporus, through the Med and the Strait of Gilbraltar, around the Cape of Good Hope and all the way to DFC China, where they spent a few years refitting her with Chinese systems.
Now we’ll see whether the Red Chinese are ready to flex its muscle with this CVL. It ain’t no Nimitz- or Ford-class, that’s for sure.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Idiots, Indeed

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And Useful Ones, at that!

In my opinion (and quite likely yours too!), Steve Jobs should have won. Even though he is dead. He didn’t even make the Runners-Up List.
TIME thinks these protesters (including the Guy Fawkes Masked Protesters, pictured above: they’re from Russia BTW) positively contributed to their respective societies. Nothing could be further from the truth…especially the ones who “protested” all over the Middle East. And guess what, they got EXACTLY what they really wanted: Mohammedan Democracy. One Man, One Vote, One Time Only! And Destroy the JOOOOOOS!
Next, they will all sing the Muslim National Anthem™! Good going, TIME. NOT.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This Warms My Heart…

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Even in the terrible aftermath of the mass murder attack (and NOT Terrorism) in Norway, which is still being sorted out…more and more blogs know the bulls**t nosnhoJ selrahC pulls…and are no longer afraid to speak in whispers about it. To wit…from BMEWS:

selrahC? Your 15 Minutes of Fame are LONG GONE. Besides, you Love a Good Fisting, so why don’t you just stick to that!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Remember He’s The Spare, Eh

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Now word comes from Canada that some monarchists there want to make Prince Harry the King of Canada. I can understand why they want to do this, eh.
For starters, while they probably love the current Queen (who is, by the way, the ceremonial head of state for Canada in any case), they’re quite likely afraid of her son, who would not defend The Faith as defined by their culture. At least the Prince wants to go and fight and kick some Taliban arse by meting out Death by Apache, eh.
One would hope for the sake of the United Kingdom and Western Civilization, Prince Harry’s old man would abdicate his position, in favor of his brother. Let us continue to pray for that to happen; that way, Canada can have another true King, eh.

Friday, May 27, 2011

This Says It All!

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Here is a photo of 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa, expressing his disapproval over an invitation to meet with (AHEM!) fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner Президент Обама while he’s in Warsaw:

And for the win…

“It’s difficult to tell journalists what you’d like to say to the president of a superpower. This time I won’t tell him, I won’t meet him, it doesn’t suit me,”


HAT TIP: Rodan

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Power of A Tsunami

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It’s been two full weeks since the 8.9 Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami struck northeast Japan. I found this video which shows in graphic detail what this Tsunami did to one particular Japanese city, Kesennuma, located in the Miyagi Prefecture:

Needless to say, I was transfixed by this, the Hand of God at work. He is testing us all, not just the People of Japan.

HAT TIP: Vilmar

Friday, March 18, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

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I was reading this scathing criticism of Президент Оба́ма, calling him “The Weakest President in History,” and most deservedly so. I highly doubt one will find such a blistering slam here in the US…except by going to the conservative side of the Blogosphere.
But I digress. I got such a big kick out the masthead, which many folks these days would consider very politically incorrect. I also wonder whether this newspaper offends a certain group of immigrants (legal or otherwise) into that country.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray…Pray For Japan

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As you all know by now, a Major Earthquake struck Japan early Friday at 0546 hours UTC at an 8.9-magnitude. The epicenter was approximately 231 miles (373 km) northeast of Tokyo, off the east coast of Honshu.
Japan got hit, and hit BAD, with the official count currently at 574 (and thousands more missing). The rest of the Pacific got tsunami waves as a result; for us, it was Hawaii, followed later by California and Oregon.
And to top it all off, there are major problems with the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactors in northeast Honshu, closer to the epicenter. The building housing Unit 1 has apparently released some radioactive hydrogen into the atmosphere, and we still don’t know exactly what happened there either, because no one has been able to physically inspect the reactor core itself to see whether a meltdown occurred.
So, my friends, we must pray for Japan and its people, so that they can recover from this disaster. Keep them and other nations which have been struck by earthquakes and tsunamis in your prayers and thoughts. And we are helping them.



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