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Saturday, January 29, 2011

DOSJ, ACLU Collaborate on SB1070

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I admit, it’s been awhile since I’ve written about these guys…if that’s what you can call them.
When Papa Todd sent me this story and I read it, I chuckled. This action between the Department of Social Justice, led by ‘Attorney General’ Эрик Холдер, and our favorite Defenders of Mostly Evil Causes, the ACLU, doesn’t surprise me one bit.
Let’s see what kind of e-mail exchange went on between the two groups:

From Guttentag to Kneedler was:
I left a voicemail earlier today about checking in once the district court rules. Would you be available then? [Redacted statement] And from all of us, thank you again for your argument on behalf of the United States. Lucas

Responded Kneedler:
Thanks Lucas. We should definitely check in once we hear. We’ll be huddling here as soon as we can. What is your thinking at this point on if/how you will proceed in various possible scenarios? It was good to see you, even if only briefly, and to be on the same side for once! [Redacted statement] I have a feeling we might be seeing each other again on this case. Ed

Following up was Guttentag:
Thanks Ed. Yes, a real pleasure to be on the same side. I think we will be strongly inclined to seek an immediate emergency injunction from the 9th Circuit… Can you share your current thinking with regard to the various scenarios? Best Lucas

Is there any more wonder whether the DOSJ truly IS run by DFCs? If you think there isn’t…you’re as blind as a bat.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This Ain’t Over Yet…

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Even though the Demo☭rats have nominally given up regarding the issue of the Congressional ban on offshore drilling, don’t expect this to go away come October 1. It’s a sure thing that they have their armies of attorneys lined up to go in to the courts and sue to stop the energy companies (and the nation) from moving forward.
Not only the attorneys, but also the tree huggers, animal rights anarchists, and environmental mental cases who are more than willing to act as plaintiffs, but also as “homesteaders” to stake themselves directly in the way of said drillers and/or miners. Count on all of these groups to tie up the courts from conducting actual criminal and civil trials.
Oh, and did I forget the ACLU? Sorry, my bad; they’ll figure out a way to paint civil liberties “violations” into this whole scheme too.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Breyer, Ginsburg & Souter Whine, Moan

Filed under: | ACLU Antics | SCOTUS and The Law

These three Associate Justices are, of course, in unison with the Democrats and the ACLU, when the rest of SCOTUS voted to allow states such as Indiana to require Photo ID when showing up at the polls. When I found out about this tonight at work, that made me a happy camper for the rest of the evening, because this ruling also upholds Arizona’s law.
Frak You Governor Napolitano!
Countdown for other underhanded attempts at Voter Fraud by the Democrats and their buddies at the ACLU in 5…4…3…2…1….

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ACLU: Sex in Public Restrooms Private

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Now what’s this bulls**t the ACLU is coming up with to help that disgraced Senator, Larry Craig? Sex? In a public restroom at an airport? PRIVATE?
C’mon guys…that’s what BEDROOMS are for! If you’re that frakkin’ horny, GET A MOTEL ROOM!
The idiots at the ACLU have a better Constitutional argument than this…crap.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

She Wants Money Too

Filed under: | ACLU Antics | The Old Digs

FIVE MONTHS after the incident where Tasha Douglas was refused service by bus drivers in Grand Rapids, MI, she still feels shame and humiliation. And here I thought this was a recent occurrence. When you read the article, you will find that the Rapid transit agency determined that it was an isolated incident.

And guess who’s helping her get a cash settlement to put this all behind her? Yep, the ACLU, who are playing the race and religion cards for all they’re worth!
By the way, I recognize this location: it’s South Division Street, the main drag through GR, and it’s about 3 or 4 blocks just south of downtown, where a lot of poor people live.

HAT TIP: Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ACLU Nativity at UT

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Oh, this is GOOD! An ACLU “Nativity Scene” courtesy of the Young Conservatives of Texas, on display at the West Mall, on the campus of the University of Texas. This photo is courtesy of Jay at Stop The ACLU, and I hope it draws maximum attention to what the ACLU has been doing to us all along: to wipe out Christianity from our lives.
They will not succeed, and I will not let them. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Communist College Students Ban Pledge

Filed under: | ACLU Antics | SCOTUS and The Law

I’ve always had a snide nickname for community (2-year) colleges, instead calling them Communist, because they are designed for the masses. Of course, we all know how Communistic universities are, so maybe I hit the nail on the head a long time ago.
ANYWAY...this shouldn’t come as a surprise: three beret-wearing student leaders (either French, or Communist, or both!) ban the Pledge of Allegiance at their meetings. One student recites it anyway just to piss them off…and good for her! Oh, I should have mentioned a couple of sentences ago that the guy who proposed the ban is an atheist. I wonder if he’s setting that a**hole Michael Newdow up to challenge the Pledge again in front of the 9th Circus Court of Appeals. This will be one story to watch as the months progress.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

How Is This A Poll Tax?

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When I went to the polls last week to vote in the primary election, I obeyed the law and presented my ID to the registrar, who checked my name against the rolls. When they found my name, I was given a ballot and directed to a booth. I marked my choices, then took it to the scanning machine, which recorded my vote.
Now what is so hard about that? And what the frak is so difficult about presenting a Photo ID to prove who you are? How the hell does the ACLU equate the mandate of the Voter Integrity Protection Act of 2006 (which, BTW, is still going through Congress) to the payment of a poll tax, which was outlawed by the 24th Amendment?
I know, I know, they lost their heads a long, long time ago.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Only A Matter Of Time

Filed under: | ACLU Antics

That sick bastard Fred Phelps and his so-called church has filed suit in Federal court, claiming the wave of recent state laws (in this case, Missouri’s) violates freedom of religion and free speech. And of course, the ACLU is right up there with them! So in other words, us Taxpayers have to foot the damn bill if they win.
Nowhere in those laws does it say that they CANNOT spew forth what they’ve spewed forth from day one. What those laws DO say is where and when they can say it, as reprehensible as it is. Please God, give this case to a judge who will see right through their bulls**t and throw it out of court, with prejudice!

Monday, June 19, 2006

ACLU Delenda Est

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Jay over at Stop The ACLU reports that some ACLU members are beginning to question the proposed policy forbidding public criticism of the organization’s internal operations and policy decisions. If the ACLU drops it, great. Otherwise, we may yet see the beginning of its demise.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Filed under: | ACLU Antics

A new policy is under consideration for ACLU Board members: Directors cannot publicly criticize the ACLU’s internal operations or policy decisions. Nothing like gagging free speech is there?
This from an organization which purportedly protects the free speech rights of all Americans (and we know how much bulls**t lies in that passage!), yet sees fit to prevent its own members from cleaning house. I have a great counter-proposal for those ACLU members (regulars or Directors) who want to speak out, and it’s quite simple: QUIT THE ACLU!

Friday, March 31, 2006

MYCA Camp in Iowa

Filed under: | ACLU Antics

No, that’s not a typo. And for some reason, the Village People’s famous disco anthem from the 1970s is about to be ripped off! I have to laugh at the thought of their own versions of the Construction Worker, the Sailor, the Biker, the Cop, the Indian, and the Cowboy. That, and their own video:

“It’s fun to stay at the M…Y…C…A!

And yes, I am being facetious about the Village People aspect!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gee Wally…

Filed under: | ACLU Antics

”...what’s the ACLU gonna do now that they’re joined at the hip with CAIR?” asks the Beav. “I can’t believe they actually elected one of CAIR’s leaders to their Florida Chapter Board of Directors!”
“Gosh, Beaver,” replied Wally, “I guess that means they’ll continue to go after us God-fearing Americans by undermining the President’s National Security efforts.”
“Not to mention that CAIR actually thinks they can get away with counting known terrorists among its members, and organizing anti-American rallies.”
Wally frowned and shook his head, “We’ll just have to pray for them harder.”
Beaver’s face lit up again. “And that will make them all the more madder!”
“Gee Wally,” Beaver Cleaver grinned, “you’re not such a bad brother after all!”


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ACLU Sues Bush, NSA

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Well, that took longer than I thought it would. Two lawsuits, one in New York City and the other in, of course, Detroit:

The New York suit, filed on behalf of the center and individuals, names President Bush, the head of the National Security Agency, and the heads of the other major security agencies, challenging the NSA’s surveillance of persons within the United States without judicial approval or statutory authorization.
It seeks an injunction that would prohibit the government from conducting surveillance of communications in the United States without warrants.
The Detroit suit, which also names the NSA, was filed with the ACLU along with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Greenpeace and several individuals.

I say “of course, Detroit” because that city’s proximity to the largest Arab-American community in the country, which is Dearborn.
Believe it or not, this is a good development, because the introduction at just this time is nearing the date on which the Senate will vote on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito for Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. Delay it long enough and by the time it reaches SCOTUS’ bench, Alito will be there to help decide the case!
Watch this one very carefully, folks….

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Watch for the ACLU

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Many states pass laws which go into effect on January 1, and California, of course, is one of them. Here’s a new law now in force in the Golden State:

That’s when a new California law goes into effect that increases penalties against overly aggressive photographers—dubbed “stalkerazzi”—who forcefully thrust their cameras into famous faces or crash their car into a celebrity’s vehicle. They’ll now be liable for three times the damages they inflict, plus lose any payments their published photos might earn. Publishers can also be held liable.

As much as I like taking pictures, I detest the paparazzi! They’ve gotten too lazy as to the type of equipment they carry around just to get a topless shot of Britney Spears (for example…UGH!). Maybe those 600mm super telephoto lenses mounted to a monopod are too much for them to bear! Nevertheless, I have a feeling this law will be struck down by the 9th Circus Court of Appeals as unconstitutional if it reaches their bench…and the ACLU will lead the charge. After all, in their view of a just society, there is no Christianity in it, nor is there a reasonable sense of privacy either.



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