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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gluttons For Punishment

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So, the Mexican Government files a brief in Arizona courts, seeking to join in the lawsuits against SB1070, which is scheduled to take effect on July 29. They cite “grave concerns” that the law will be used for Racial Profiling.
What a tired argument. Hispanics are not a race. They are an ethnicity. Besides, Mexico shouldn’t be casting stones, since they are in a glass house and they treat THEIR Illegals (the ones coming from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras) like s**t. And we all know how the Оба́ма Режим feels about securing the border, don’t we!
So Mexico, I got a great idea for ya: STFD and STFU!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Was That About Border Security?

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This one’s for Sheriff Joe!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Suspension of Disbelief Required

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OK folks…here was yesterday’s headline in The Rag:

This was, of course, the day after Mexican President Felipe Calderon denounced SB1070 to a joint session of Конгресс, and the Demo☭rats gave him a Standing O.
Lo and Behold, here was the ad The Rag ran on the back page of the Business section:

A Frakking MEXICAN ARMY GUY? In CAMO? With BINOCULARS! Draw your own conclusions.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

¡Fuera de Control!

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Mexican President Felipe Calderon has his hands full fighting the drug cartels. The s**t which hit the fan over the weekend in Ciudad Juarez (just across the border from El Paso) only piles it higher and deeper for him.
I was lucky to get my visit in two years ago; there is no frakking way we’re gonna visit Mexico now. Not until they can kick the s**t out of the cartels and secure the border. Unfortunately we won’t see that happen for a long time. And don’t think Президент Оба́ма will do anything about this…he’ll vote “present”.
That said, I heard a prediction on Michael Savage‘s show last night: he stated that we’ll move our troops from South Korea to the Mexican border the next time we get a Patriotic Administration in there. Talk about Chinese interesting.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

¡Michael Jackson todavía está MUERTO!

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In another macabre development in Mexico, it seems as though the recently departed so-called King of Pop received a number of votes in an election cycle there. Apparently, news of his departure did not faze the Mexicans who voted for him in whatever race he was in.
Was it for Diputado Federal? Damfino.
Meanwhile, Michael Jackson is Still DEAD.

HAT TIP: Fausta, who also helped correct my Spanish. Hey, I used the OS X built-in translator [shrugs shoulders]....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Brutal Marine Captured!

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I’m glad the US and Mexico finally worked together on this one, because of the horrific nature of the crime he is accused of. Normally, Mexico bitches and whines whenever we submit a request to have someone in their country arrested for murder, since Mexico does not have the Death Penalty. This crime had to have horrified the Mexicans too.
They say there’s no such thing as an ex-Marine. Perhaps the United States Marine Corps should create such a category for people such as Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Murtha, and Cesar Armando Laurean, who have dishonored the Corps with their actions.
Oh, I forgot…watch the el cubos go apesh*t and hang the label Baby Killer on Laurean. Not that that’s not what he did...y’all know what I mean.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Absolut Bulls**t Ad

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Here’s an ad which recently ran in a certain North American country, neither the United States nor Canada….

How nice to know that Arizona, Texas, Utah, Colorado, California, Nevada, and parts Oregon, Idaho, Montana (did I miss any other states?) are considered part of frakking MEXICO!
Now, the Absolut Vodka folks have since apologized for this ad, but I don’t give a s**t. Too little too late. I don’t drink wodka, but if I did I’d sure as hell boycott Absolut!

UPDATE (1750 MST): I’ve decided to create my own “Absolut World” ad….

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ay Yi Yi Yi…

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I just got back from Me-heee-co!
I got some good drugs & had some steak too!
I’ll have to go back when I have passport too!

[With Apologies to The Frito Bandito!]

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Calderon Acknowledges Illegals in US

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Mexican President Felipe Calderon utters the following at his State of the Nation address:

“We strongly protest the unilateral measures taken by the U.S. Congress and government that have only persecuted and exacerbated the mistreatment of Mexican undocumented workers. The insensitivity toward those who support the U.S. economy and society has only served as an impetus to reinforce the battle ... for their rights.
Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico.

Hey Calderon: F**K YOU! I live in the United States of America, not F**king Mexico! It’s YOUR Illegals who live here ILLEGALLY in MY country. Since your administration has already created over 600,000 new jobs since taking office, keep it up! Make more jobs so they can come back and live in Mexico!
And while I’m at it Señor Presidente…you just got inducted into the Footy Umpire Hall of Fame!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Dare You To Smoke…This!

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Wow man…COSMIC!
I guess I’m not old enough to know if there have ever been any other mushrooms which have grown to over two feet tall and weigh over 41 pounds…if there’s anyone who can beat this giant mushroom from the Mexican state of Chiapas, let me know…it’d be a great story while this is being consumed by those of you who do such things.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slim Razzes Gates, Buffett

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Pay attention to this man. Carlos Slim is rated #3 on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people, and gained his fortune primarily by purchasing Telmex from the Mexican Government in 1990, solidifying the near-monopoly position it holds in that country, then diversifying into other Latin American markets and industries.
Señor Slim chides (in a humorous manner) how Bill Gates and Warren Buffett seem to throw money to various groups:

“Our concept is more to accomplish and solve things, rather than giving; that is, not going around like Santa Claus. Poverty isn’t solved with donations. [In Slim’s case, it’s probably solved with BRIBES... ed.] I think that what Gates has done is good, and above all, because he said he would devote full time to this, and half time to Microsoft, which makes time-and-a-half.”

Slim also has what could be considered an outrageous proposal to help cut Medicare costs in the USA: transfer Medicare patients to new treatment centers built in northern Mexico! My first thought about this was “Holy S**T!
As I said, pay attention to this man.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another Reason for Mexicans To Go North?

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Hmmm…I wonder if this development in tortilla prices will drive more Mexicans to turn into Illegals. It’s all due to the result of higher corn prices as demand for ethanol-based fuels continues to increase. This will be food indeed for the PRD, and the shadow government is already screaming bloody murder, and somehow, Mexico went from a net exporter of white corn to a net importer.
Talk about a frakked-up government and bureaucracy. Small wonder why I continue to refrain from going there.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Fasten Your Seat Belts

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Yes, my friends, today is December 1, the day when Mexico’s new President, Felipe Calderon, is to be sworn into office in front of the Mexican Congress, which means, if I assume correctly, both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Only there might be a slight problem: the legislators who support losing candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador may not let Calderon be sworn in; they’ve already set up a shadow government.
With potential actions such as these, is it any wonder why Mexico can’t be taken seriously as a developing nation? The political bulls**t emanating from the Federal District, permeating through the 31 other states, is one reason why I haven’t visited Mexico. Which sucks, as I do want to get to know my neighbors.

Monday, July 10, 2006

PRD Mantra from Donks?

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Consider the following paragraph from David Johnson regarding the recent efforts of the Democrats to win at any cost:

If you don’t win the election on the first count—demand a recount and litigate until you get the result you want (or the U.S. Supreme Court says enough of this foolishness).

Scratch “U.S.” and substitute “Mexican”, and you’ve got the strategy that losing Mexican Presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (of the PRD) will employ to overturn the razor-sharp result which elected Felipe Calderón from the PAN. It may be a year and a half old, but it is still very relevant. Gee, does Señor Obrador have any Donks on his advisory team…Inquiring Minds Want To Know.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mexican Election Today

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Ai carumba! (Just what does that mean anyway?) Hold on to your hats, people. Today’s the Mexican National Election. By day’s end, we’ll know which party will run Mexico for the next six years. Polls going into the vote show a neck-and-neck sprint between PRD standard-bearer Andrés Manuel López Obrador and PAN’s candidate Felipe Calderón, with the PRI’s Roberto Madrazo Pintado running third.
There’s been a lot of mudslinging going on amongst the parties, and it looks like it’ll come down to a battle between the haves and the have-nots:

The divide was on vivid display recently as [Obrador’s] supporters cut through a swanky Mexico City shopping mall on their way to a campaign rally. Farming families who had never encountered escalators were hesitant to get on them, drawing disdainful looks from well-dressed onlookers.
This election boils down to a race between those strangers in the shopping mall and Mexicans who fear losing the low-interest loans and economic stability that emerged under Fox’s disciplined budgets and high international reserves.

And then there’s the Chavez factor: our buddy from Caracas may have a hand in influencing this election, because he would love nothing better than to have a neo-Communist government on our doorstep. So again I say: hold on to your hats!



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