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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Galloway to be Suspended?

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By his arms? Legs? Like Mussolini? you ask. Naaaaaaah...only George Galloway’s past “associations” with Saddam have finally caught up with him!

I would certainly hope his constituents will also pay attention to this report and vote his a** out of office next time, if they don’t get to do it in a by-election first.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Montre Présidentielle Française D’Élection

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There is hope for France after all. Looks like Nicolas Sarkozy, the conservative candidate, will defeat the Socialist standard bearer, Segolene Royal, in a turnout which reached at 75%! Man, can you imagine us having a voter turnout that high here? Anyway, here is the general mood in the Royal camp:

Too bad so sad. Now, maybe France can get back on board!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bet They Can’t Eat Just One

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Monsewer President Jacques Chirac is clearly off his rocker when he publicly states that Iran will not be a threat with one or two nukes. This is because when you get one, you want more. Just ask Kim Jong Il. After all…once you pop, you can’t stop!
Sorry for the potato chip ad jingles…they were somehow appropriate in a macabre sort of way.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Language Police In Iran

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In France, according to David Horowitz, the Finance Ministry’s Economic Terminology Commission tries to control the influx of English into their language; for example, in official communication, e-mail is referred to as courrier electronique, and corporate start-ups are termed “jeunes pousses” (young plants). Other words which have been banned in the French lexicon include: hamburger, sandwich, and weekend. Too much American influence, they say; gotta keep France pure.
Now, a similar attempt is underway in Iran. President Ahmadinejad has ordered the use of modified Persian or Farsi words to replace those Infidel words. Pizza is to be known as elastic loaves. I have to wonder what other words will be targeted. Mr. Dinner Jacket must have learned it from the French. Too much Infidel influence, they say; gotta keep the Islamic Republic (and the Koran) pure.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Chirac Bends Over For Unions, Students

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So much for trying to help France’s high unemployment situation….
The French Parliament had enacted a law making it easier for businesses to fire workers under 26 years of age, who were not performing during the first two years on the job. When the law was put into effect, the result were massive strikes by students and unions across the country.
Now, French President Jacques Chirac has withdrawn the law. With one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe (just below 10% overall, more than 20% for young people, and between 40% to 50% for children of poor immigrants), it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine who won that labor dispute. Slowly but surely, France sinks beneath the sand.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Worse and Worse

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it all started when George Galloway started acting like a cat. Next, he donned a single-piece leotard and proceeded to dance like a robot. Finally, he now has costumed himself in some type of devil outfit...don’t tell me that’s a cat uniform!
Yes, his fellow members of the British House of Commons will have it in for him when he returns to what he’s supposed to be doing all along. But maybe not for long, if Galloway’s constituents have anything to say about it.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

George Galloway Gets a Fatwa

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Looks like all that pandering on behalf of Saddam and the Palestinians have gone for naught:

Recently, Allah (SWT) has disgraced these so-called Muslims and the one they have associated with Allah, George Galloway, by causing him to appear on a reality TV show “Celebrity Big Brother”. Shows such as this contain all the corruption Allah (SWT) has forbidden, such as free-mixing, fornication, drinking, nudity, swearing and many other abominable acts. These kinds of programmes attract only the lowest of the low who desperately seek recognition and fame by any means possible. They are people who have no honour, respect or dignity and can only be described as animals. George Galloway will certainly have no trouble fitting in as he has all the criteria the show is looking for. Just recently, the media has shown George Galloway at his best – behaving like a cat (animal) purring at the hands of a woman. This is not surprising as one cannot expect anything more from a person of such low intellect and morality, a representative of those who voted for him.

Hey, at least they’re not calling for his death like they did with Salman Rushdie. And perhaps in this case, disgrace may be worse than death! As Beaver Cleaver might say:

“Gee Wally, what’s George gonna do now?”

Good question. How about it, Mr. Galloway?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

It’s Gotta Be the Full Moon

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I swear, when I first read (and SAW!) this report about George Galloway’s latest antics, blowing off his constituents in Bethnal Green to appear on the Celebrity Big Brother show on Channel 4 (in the UK), I just shook my head. You will not believe your eyes either.
I hope Galloway’s constituents throw his a** outa Parliament!

HAT TIP: Little Green Footballs

Thursday, November 03, 2005

There Is Still Hope for France

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With riots in the Parisian suburbs going on for a seventh straight night, Roger L. Simon (He Who Wears the Fedora) chronicles the adventures of Paul Cruce, An American in Paris:

What I have found to be far more common is a real warmth for the U.S. and I have found it in surprising and unexpected ways. Examples:
* October a year ago I was here for a week. I had been invited to a Hallowe’en dinner party prepared by a couple I know, both of whom are chefs. During the dinner, I was asked by another guest if I supported Bush or Kerry. With a smile, I quickly and firmly replied “President Bush.” To my surprise, the entire table - about 30 people altogether - burst out in applause. One woman said, “The U.S. did the right thing in Iraq. Chirac is on Saddam’s payroll. That’s the only reason our government has opposed yours there,” and all the other heads at the table nodded in agreement. This group included some people whom I know usually vote for the Socialist Party rather than Chirac’s UMP.

It’s not the French People I can’t stand. It’s their government and media. Go Ye and read it all. The Macker Commands It!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

France, Germany with Problems

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Gee, how soon will it be until these guys call for our help? In my opinion, I hope they don’t:

5TH STRAIGHT NIGHT OF FRENCH RIOTS: Last Thursday, two youths of the Muslim persuasion are killed when they are accidentally electrocuted and a third critically injured as they go into a power substation to escape the police. Now why are these deaths accidental when they deliberately entered the substation? So whose fault is it? Why it’s the cruel police’s of course! C’est la merde d’un taureau!
GERMAN GOVERNMENT FACES COLLAPSE: Six weeks ago, the Germans failed to elect an outright leader and so the CDU (Merkel’s group) and SPD (Schroeder’s bunch) came up with what could have been described in other circles as a “government of national unity.” Now a critical figure, the SPD’s party chair, is stepping down, which throws the entire deal into question. They’ve already gone longer than we did five years ago…you all remember that one, right? You better!

Schadenfreude, anyone?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Unemployed? Not For Long…

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Look like the Audi Man himself may go to work for Pooty, now that he no longer works for the German taxpayer:

Mr Schröder, 61, has already indicated that he will not serve in any capacity in a coalition government with his arch-rival, Angela Merkel, the woman who has taken his job of seven years from him.
That he must be looking for something to do with his considerable talents is a given. And Mr Schröder’s taste for the high life is already well known - from his £5,000 Brioni suits to his liking for Kristal champagne and Cohiba Havana cigars.
Four times married, he was mocked throughout his time in office as “The Audi Man” after the four-ringed car badge.

No wonder he got along so well with Monsieurs Chirac and Kerry. See that last line? That alone made me laugh my a** off!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Is There Hope for France?

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In a word: Oui. These words of hope come not from a French politician, but from a businessman who sees that the 35-hour work week, the 90% unemployment compensation, the generous social services provided to French citizens, and the loss of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games to London, are starting to add up:

“We have narrowed and stunted ourselves and we paint ourselves as losers, and no one wants to be among the losers. It’s time we opened our eyes wide, took an icy shower and looked reality in the face: we are in decline, going down a slippery slope.
“The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry has reminded us of our [public] debt and the fact that we are living beyond our means. We knew the figures, yet no government for the last 20 years has wanted to draw a conclusion from them. The figures that attest to our decline are known to all….
“In the global economy we give the impression of being a Gaulois village, but unlike those in Astérix, it doesn’t make us laugh and it will raise even less of a smile among our children and grandchildren in 20 years’ time.”

The first step in combating a problem is acknowledging that a problem exists. Hopefully, the French public can be persuaded as well…before it is taken over by outside forces.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Slam The French Day

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For anyone who cares, today is Bastille Day, the French National Holiday. I love what Margaret Thatcher said about this occasion:

“Who can trust a people who celebrate, as their national event, a jailbreak?”

Even The Macker can learn something new every day. It wasn’t the storming of the Bastille (which held only seven prisoners that fateful day), but it was an act of rebellion by the constituent assembly, the Third Estate, called the Tennis Court Oath, which precipitated the French Revolution. This was later immortalized in parody by comedian Allan Sherman in 1963:

“You went the wrong way, Old King Louie.
You made the population cry.
‘Cause all you did was sit and pet
With Marie Antoinette
In your place at Versailles.”

But of course, my favorite slam-the-French ditty comes from the 18th Century (and possibly earlier), hinted at in the movie “The Last of the Mohicans”:

“The French, they are a funny race.
They fight with their feet and they f**k with their face!”

To see even more French jokes (and historical quotations), go to Blogs for Bush. Then take a moment and greet a French national, and show ‘em you care. NOT!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Non Means…NON!

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It seems as though Monsieur (or should I Mon-sewer!) Chirac is hell-bent on ramming the European Constitution down everyone’s throat, even if France votes NON this Sunday.
Seems to me that the jerk…er, soda jerk...has delusions of grandeur just like Napoleon!
By the way, go and check out how HUGE this document is!

Monday, February 28, 2005

RE: Présidence de la République

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Some time ago I had actually decided to sit down and write the President of France, Jacques Chirac, and ask him if he really did work in a soda shop in the 1950s in New York City. Well, someone in his office sent me some courrier électronique:

Cher Monsieur,
Le Président de la République française a bien reçu votre message et m’a chargé de vous remercier de l’intérêt que vous lui portez.
Pour faire suite à votre demande, je vous invite à consulter, si vous le désirez, la rubrique : “Le Président Son portrait” (en anglais: “The Président Biography”) du Site Internet de l’Elysée.
Bien cordialement.
Le Chef adjoint de Cabinet

The translation (via Systran):

Dear Sir, the President of the French Republic received your message and gave the responsibility to me to thank you for the interest that you carry to him.
To follow upon your request, I invite you to consult, if you wish it, the heading: “The President - His English portrait” (“The President - Biography”) of Internet site of the Elysium.

Well cordially.
The assistant Chief of Cabinet

In other words, the standard response to cet Américain stupide. Feh!



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