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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Strangely Familiar

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Got this in my e-mail box about twenty minutes ago. See if you can tell what’s so Strangely Familiar about it:

And While We’re At It…

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We all know how much of a pain in the a** Demo☭rat National Committee Mouthpiece Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is. Someone got the right idea, I found this on Facebook, so I borrowed it for all to see.
Ain’t this funny?

You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

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Can you believe Обама has approved of this artwork for the 2012 Demo☭rat National Convention?

EEEEWWWWWW! It looks as though some fifth-grader (like, say, Обама‘s younger daughter Sasha) designed it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

For Those Who Can’t Handle The Numbers

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Here’s a graphic from the Republican Study Committee on the percentage of labor force participation leading up to, and including, Обама‘s tenure. You can click on it to see greater detail:

Notice how the graphic really starts to dip in March 2010, when Обамаcare was signed. And if, Heaven Forbid, Обама manages to get re-elected, the numbers WILL only get worse.

Monday, February 06, 2012

You Be The Judge

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Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) is up for re-election this time, and her likely GOP opponent, Pete Hoekstra, has designed a site which looks like this:

Of course, the Demo☭rats are crying foul. These same Demo☭rats (and some Republicans too) are also crying RAAAAACIST! because of the following ad:

But…let’s hear from YOU. What do YOU think!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What I Hope To See

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It never hurts to do a little Wishful Thinking (and Praying) every once in a while….

Just to show how much Обама has messed up the United States of America.
So if you want to make your own projection, visit 270towin.com and for each state, click on it until you get the desired color: Red for Republicans, Blue for Demo☭rats.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work…Sort Of

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If you want to see the rest of what’s pictured at right, click on the image to go to the Agent Provocateur article at iowntheworld.com…and see how $50,000 is spent by the First Lady.
Be sure NOT to have any liquid or solid sustenance nearby when you do. Fair warning. EEEEWWWWWW!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Didn’t Miss Much, Did I?

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I was out on a local bus trip adventure to speak to my professional recruiter yesterday, and I didn’t get back until 2030 hours, well after the State of Обама speech. I wasn’t about to subject myself to the reruns either.
Judging from the following ad, that was a good decision!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of Обама: 1000 Days and Counting

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Yes, tonight is the State of Обама speech. The parties will be mixed together to show “Unity”...yeah, RIGHT! Gabby Giffords, who recently announced her resignation from the House, will be there to accept his accolades, preaching how we all must temper our discourse, which…in the Demo☭rats’ opinion…caused her to be shot. BULL-S**T!
And on this momentous occasion, it will mark 1,000 DAYS since the Senate passed any sort of budget. Consequently, our country has been run without a budget since then. There is also at least one GOP Congressman who will be skipping the “festivities”. Perhaps for him, that is a good thing: he may have been the one to yell out to Обама‘s face: YOU LIE! like Joe Wilson did.
And the GOP is putting up…Mitch Daniels?...to rebut. What the hell are they thinking?
Please, God, help us to hang in there until we can vote Обама OUT. In your Son’s name we pray, Amen!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

She Should Have Done This Long Ago

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Better late than never, I guess. From the Arizona Daily Red Star:

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will step down from Congress this week to focus on her recovery, her staff announced Sunday.
“I have more work to do on my recovery, so to do what is best for Arizona, I will step down this week,” Giffords said in a video message.
Giffords, a third-generation Arizonan who served five years in the state Legislature before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2006, will not seek re-election this fall.
Giffords vowed to return public service.
“I will return and we will work together for Arizona and this great country,” she said.

Good luck with that, Ms. Giffords. You’re going to be out for a while…10,000 Quatloos say her husband, former Astronaut Mark Kelly, runs to succeed her. Hopefully as a Blue Dog.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Обама‘s 2012 Slogan Is…

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Yup, Believe It or Don’t:

Let’s see (in no particular order)...
Change Is…$5 TRILLION in new debt!
Change Is…Government Takeover of GM and Chrysler!
Change Is…The ‘Stimulus’!
Change Is…Fast and Furious!
Change Is…Solyndra!
Change Is…Killing our Manned Space Program!
Change Is…Supporting the Arab Spring™!
Change Is…Declaring the Taliban are Not Our Enemy!
Change Is…Додд-Франк!
Change Is…Обамаcare!
Change Is…Screwing Israel!
Change Is…Screwing Canada!
Change Is…Screwing our Allies around the world!
Change Is…The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill!
Change Is…Appointing the Wise Latina and the Обамаcare Cheerleader!
Change Is…Turning the entire Armed Forces into a Giant LGBT Orgasm!
Change Is…Making ‘recess appointments’ when the Senate was still In Session!

And that’s just for starters….

HAT TIP: Weasel Zippers

A Demo☭rat Tells The Truth For Once

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See this person?

This particular Demo☭rat, Jan Schakowsky, represents Обамастан‘s 9th Congressional District. Her husband, Robert Creamer served time in Club Fed for Bank Fraud and Check Kiting. But I digress.
Schakowsky was helping Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius yesterday with whipping up support for Обамаcare. Here’s her money quote:

“Losing in November is not an option. It doesn’t make it easier to get single-payer or even a public option. It makes it impossible.”

Imagine that. This will come to pass, so long as the GOP gets even more seats in the House, wins control of the Senate, and recaptures the White House in November. Let us bring Rep. Schakowsky’s words to fruition.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Vote For Antarctica

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Since Vilmar’s been there, I suppose this would be an acceptable alternate location for the upcoming NATO and G8 summits, scheduled to be held in Обамаград:

CHICAGO (SeeBS) – A University of Chicago economist says Antarctica or Guam would be better places than Chicago for the upcoming G8 and NATO summits, now scheduled for mid-May in the Windy City.
Economist Allen Sanderson often questions large scale government subsidies for sports venues like Soldier Field for the Bears and U.S. Cellular Field for the White Sox. In the case of the NATO and G8 summits, Sanderson says there’s a lot of downside for the city’s reputation and little upside in the way of economic development.
“It’s just a potential disaster,” Sanderson said. “Again, I hope it’s not. I hope things go really well and the city gets a real positive spin from it, but if you were betting in Las Vegas, you’d bet that’s not going to be the outcome.”

I have a certain desert location on that continent in mind, about 9,301 feet above sea level.

Friday, January 13, 2012

They Had Better Say NO

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So…Обама has formally asked Congress to approve another $1.2 TRILLION hike in the National Debt. They have 15 days to respond. If nothing is done, then the debt hike automatically goes into effect.

Yes, that little clause was part of the damn deal Congress made with Обама last year. They have to pass a “resolution of disapproval” and hope they have a 2/3 majority to override Обама‘s Veto. He suckered the GOP and the Demo☭rats who control the Senate are only too happy to play ball.
And now, the rest of the story….
See the photo? Click on it to see just how gray Обама has gotten. Of course we only see this gray head of hair on him during this Election cycle, so that Обама‘s Minions can see just how wise he is. This will definitely make Мишель angry.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Пелоси Proud Of Обама Power Grab

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I sometimes wonder if Нанси Пелоси, the former Speaker of The House, has any frakking clue as to how the Constitution works. We know that Сенатор Рид doesn’t care about the Unconstitutional appointments made by Обама. But I digress.
Пелоси is actually proud of what the SCOAMF did! Here’s what she said three days ago:

“I’m very proud of the president of the United States and the appointments that he made yesterday. I’m very glad that he did and it’s important for the American people to know what challenges face him as he tries to provide leadership for the agencies of government, which have been voted on by the Congress, are part of our public policy.”

This bitch continues to deny the fact that the Senate was still in session when the Stuttering Clusterfrak Of A Miserable Failure bypassed the Senate’s clearly-defined role. One could say she does not expect the 2012 Elections to take place.
Oh, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, I no longer refer to Обама with the honorific. Why should I? He’s finally showing his true colors for all the world to see…as a DFC Dictator!



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