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Sunday, May 15, 2011


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Well, the owner of this Star Trek site for teh gheys finally got around to doing something they should have done last September…when I pointed out to them that a certain user had returned to the board who should have been permanently banned for threatening the life of President Bush back in 2005.
Then again, this bunch of effeminate liberals (and yes, those are “nice” words I’m using here instead) got their panties all in a wad for my telling THE TRUTH about their agenda. They may have won tactical ‘victories’ in getting DADT repealed by Congress, but they will ultimately lose the war…as will their Mohammedan ‘good buddies.’
And here’s my parting shot to those folks…they already have fond memories of Президент Обама‘s shredding of the Constitution (snicker):

Yes, this too is another Badge of Honor.

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