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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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I just got news of this amazing development courtesy of Thought Flickr. Apparently, this blog has been blocked by the Indian government for inciteful content. Anyone who’s been a regular reader of my blog can probably figure out why without much effort at all. Still, I am going to wear this as a Badge of Honor. Click on the thumbnail to see the fax from the Indian government.
With that said, it looks like the ban will be lifted in less than 48 hours. In any case, I personally know two of the blog owners on this list, so I am in good company.

UPDATE (1900 MST): Here is the contact information for the Indian government, courtesy of Dina Mehta. You know what to do:
Shri B.B.Bahl,
Joint Director and PIO (RTI)
Office of PIO (RTI)
Room No 1016
Electronics Niketan
Department of Information Technology (DIT)
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
6, CGO Complex, New Delhi
Tel: 011-24301116
Fax: 011-24363099
Email: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Whoa! You one swayve and de-boner dewd!

Kudos, Macker!

My best to-date is inclusion in “Sphere”, Time magazine’s online effort…

You GO, Mon!

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