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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gee Wally…

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”...what’s the ACLU gonna do now that they’re joined at the hip with CAIR?” asks the Beav. “I can’t believe they actually elected one of CAIR’s leaders to their Florida Chapter Board of Directors!”
“Gosh, Beaver,” replied Wally, “I guess that means they’ll continue to go after us God-fearing Americans by undermining the President’s National Security efforts.”
“Not to mention that CAIR actually thinks they can get away with counting known terrorists among its members, and organizing anti-American rallies.”
Wally frowned and shook his head, “We’ll just have to pray for them harder.”
Beaver’s face lit up again. “And that will make them all the more madder!”
“Gee Wally,” Beaver Cleaver grinned, “you’re not such a bad brother after all!”


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