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Thursday, March 08, 2012

House To Франк: STFU!

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Believe It or Don’t! The House of Representatives actually BANNED Барни Франк from speaking on the Floor.
For One. Frakkin’. Day.

I have nevew seen twuth thtood on itth head mowe wapidly than my colleague fwom Texath [just did]...Fow the gentleman fwom Texath—having been pawt of the leadewthip that engaged in that thhameful maneuvew—to now accuthe uth of being exceththively concewned with cwedit ith the motht hypocwitical and dithonetht thtatement I have heawd uttewed in thith Houthe.”

Wow! That’s a Temper Tantrum if I ever heard one! Франк argued with Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX05) about some legislation aimed at easing the rules (hopefully, GETTING RID of same!) for shareholders to invest in community banks. A real BLOW for Барни Франк, indeed. He continued his Temper Tantrum:

“That’th not jutht a bill, it’th a thape-thiftew. They thtole the bill from Mw. Thchweikewt and Mw. Himeth and made a pwethent of it to the gentleman fwom Awizona, Mw. Quayle.”

I’m sure Congressmen Schweikert and Quayle stand relieved for the day.

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