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Sunday, June 25, 2006

K-Fed Penny Promo Farce

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I have an old Tootsie Roll dispenser from years ago, which doubles (when empty) as a piggy bank, and that is where I store my pennies. It’s about halfway full now, when it gets the rest of the way, I’ll break out the penny wrappers, count ‘em out, and take them to the bank and exchange them for paper currency.
But I had I had no idea that the penny was in danger until I read about this promotion in New York City.
At least this story isn’t about Britney or her impending second pregnancy with husband Kevin Federline. No, this is actually about Kevin himself, and how he’s taken on his first cause celebré. At least he’s not advocating saving the blue-tailed furbat or somesuch thing from extinction. He signed a petition to save the penny. Sounds good, right? There’s just one…small…problem.
Although it does cost more than a penny to make a penny (and also more than a nickel for a nickel), these coins are not in danger of extinction. Considering how the lack of sponsors doomed the last attempt by Representative Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) to abolish the penny, he may try again but it won’t get far in Congress.
No, this whole stunt was to promote Virgin Wireless’ new penny-per-text message pricing of $9.99 for 1,000 messages. Whoop de freakin’ do!

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