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Friday, March 17, 2006

Side-by-Side Comparison

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Let’s open this one up for discussion. Which photo looks more natural?
BTW, the photo of Bill Clinton hugging the other child took place here.

And while we’re at it, we might as well compare Bush to Hitler and discuss!


As a people person, George is no match for Bill.

Cat, as a genuine person the opposite is true.

I will never turn against BIll (Hilliary, yes).......he was much like Reagan—
could convince Eskimos to buy Refrigerators…....... the word is “smooth’‘...
George is not smooth.

Recently, George gave an impromptu speech (don’t remember the circumstances) and he was great…...believable, etal.

As an experienced practitioner of the martial arts - harms lucky to have someone so perceptive!  Well said !

Interesting: As a person(s) I like Poppa Bush!

With presidents, it’s all a personality/public persona issue.

I do have a hard time believing that the USA has not had any “terrorists” attacks because of Junior.

A personal quandary: I want the war in Iraq to stop and get our troops out
ASAP….........but we are also being too damn PC about the moooosies
in the world. ??????

WE did not, according to the umpteen reasons why we are in Iraq, go there to “fight” moooooooooosies.

I suspect a world war with moooooooosies (somewhere) is pending…......

You’re right about the war Cat, With the current global situation, continuing firestorm & riots - I don’t see how it can be avoided.


Iraq because we (not sure who “we”  is anymore) are there?

Europe?  Iran?  Palestine?

Religions are in every country!

It’s times like this that one should believe in a god, so that he/she
could come to Earth and straighten our (the world)  collective asses up!

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